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Our Prime SCF Co2 Products

We Aramacs are manufacturer of High quality super critical extracts, products by using latest technologies from India. Supercritical extracts are obtained with the help of Liquid CO2 gas at a certain temperature and pressure, known as supercritical point point! It plays a vital role in the chemical extraction process while extracting quality essential oil. A good thing about this solvent CO2 is that in comparison with other methods of chemical extraction, it is completely non toxic in nature. The impact it has on the environment is comparatively small.

CO2 extraction takes place at quite a low temperature. Compounds present in leaves, plants and other herbs are extracted in the process. The heat does not damage or alter the compounds in any way. At normal atmospheric pressure, carbon dioxide or CO2 is just like gas. On the final product, it does not leave any trace of itself.

The supercritical CO2 extraction method is quite expensive since the equipment used itself is not very cheap. Thus compounds generated in the process, also prove to be quite expensive. Very little damage is caused to the extracted compounds in the super critical extraction method.

There are cheaper methods of extracting chemicals. However the drawback is that the process removes many of the organic compounds and chemicals remain in the product which is certainly not a good thing. Reliable suppliers use the purest of ingredients by adopting supercritical CO2 extraction. The ingredients obtained combine into well balanced formulas that work most effectively and quickly.

Traditional methods of extraction have been used since years. However there are several advantages to supercritical CO2 oil extraction methods. A good aspect about CO2 is it is termed as GRAS – Generally Regarded As Safe by the Food and Drug Administration authorities It is also non toxic in nature, contains no hydrocarbon materials, heavy metals or toxins.

The spent material can be used again as it is free of any residual contaminates. Carbon dioxide is non-flammable in nature and does not need any costly facilities that are explosion proof. Another positive attribute about carbon dioxide is that it is cold. Oil extractions can be done at temperatures native to the botanical material. This helps minimize both the extracted oil and plant material’s thermal degradation. Carbon dioxide’s solvency power is easy to adjust.

All that is needed is to decrease or increase the temperature or pressure. CO2 is useful in creating extracts that are unique in nature and have waxes and oils in desirable levels. Several industries use CO2 as it is readily available and is cheap. Out of the total carbon dioxide used in the extraction process, more than 90% of carbon dioxide is also recovered subsequently and re-circulated by the CO2 oil extraction systems.