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About our company

A reliable supercritical extract supplier is committed in providing quality products to its trusted customers. Efforts are put in for continual research and improvement. Extraction technology that is most advanced is used in obtaining extracts. Accordingly customers can feel assured of purchasing top grade supercritical extracts from the supplier. The supercritical CO2 extraction process has certainly proved to be a better bet as compared to traditional methods of extraction for sure!

Improved Technology

A range of efficient and effective solvents are available for the CO2 extraction purposes. To use these elements to the best level possible, multiple extraction systems are offered by the manufacturer. We are working with the best methods, the Supercritical Fluid Extraction SFE-CO2 method, since quite some time now!

Over time, efforts have been put in improving the technologies and processes involved in obtaining supercritical extracts. Main goal of the company is optimizing products that are being currently developed. Using the latest supercritical CO2 extraction technology, the supplier is able to provide top quality solutions to a variety of markets.

Optimal Outcome

Mechanical technology and extensive experience in extraction are used in a combination to create the most optimal outcomes. Customers are given an edge with well tailored solutions provided by the supplier. Extraction times involved are shorter and products are cost effective and energy efficient.

Using the supercritical fluid extraction CO2 method is very advantageous. The first thing is that it is highly versatile. Whatever may be the plant material used, the desired components are perfectly extracted with the supercritical CO2 extraction process. Due to CO2 evaporation, virtually no residual solvent remains in the end product.

Finest Aromatic Extracts

For extracting the purest of aromas and flavors, one choicest method exclusively designed is the supercritical CO2 extraction method. The plant substances sector is seeing very high growth in the recent times. The SFE CO2 extraction method is also gaining momentum to produce higher and quality yields. In many of the food supplements and nutraceuticals various kinds of plant substances are being used.

The supplier understands the fact the highest level of purity needs to be maintained while extracting the extracts. Traditional methods of extract are not up to the challenge. The latest supercritical extraction method is able to meet the toughest of standards and accordingly deliver the best of results needed by the customer. This method is not only worth considering but a great alternative to the conventional extraction method which has been used since years now.

A Big Revolution Indeed

One of the biggest revolutions in extraction processes is the supercritical CO2 extraction method. Extracts are obtained almost four to five times faster than any other older systems being used so far by competitors. The finest equipment is being used to obtain end products in the widest range. Extracts recovered by the supercritical CO2 extraction method are in great demand in various industries these days. The right pressure and temperature is set so as to obtain the most desirable, purest and aromatic extracts in the world!

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