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Piperine Extract

Technical Data Sheets : MSDSCOA

English name: Piperine Extract

Botanical name: Piper Nigrum L


The botanical name of Piperine Co2 extract is Piper Nigrum L and the plant parts used for extraction is the black peppercorns. The extraction method is supercritical fluid extraction process (SCFE) which is also called Co2 extraction process. Piperine Co2 extracts are free from solvent, pesticide residues, heavy metal traces and are the best for high quality pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical formulations, food products, cosmetic and cosmoceuticals. The black peppercorns contain alkaloids and one of the most important one is piperine. It is the central nervous system depressant and it suppresses fever and pain. Piperine is a known anti-inflammatory and insecticidal and is known for causing skin pigmentation and is used in vitiligo.

Oldest Spices

Pepper is one of the oldest and most important spices in the world. It is the dried fruit of Piper nigrum L and is a native of Madagascar and South India. Pepper is known as the King of Spices and when the berries mature it start turning from red to black and it is dried. Pepper is widely used as a tonic and also as a flavour ingredient in food products. It is used in meat products and is used for curing and preserving. The pepper fruits are acrid, carminative, bitter, aphrodisiac, diuretic, stimulant and digestive. The pepper fruits are used for arthritis, fever, asthma, cough, dyspepsia, obesity and flatulence by assisting in digestion.

In Perfumes and Flavourings

Black pepper oil is good for muscle and pain and the aroma coming from the extract is found in flesh and skin. The pungency of the aroma comes from its alkaloids and resins found in seeds. The extract is widely used in perfumes and flavourings and is also used for reducing stomach and intestinal gas. Piperine boosts the activities of the kidneys and heart. Piperine is widely used as an insecticide against houseflies and against different kinds of pest in the garden in the form of sprays. Piperine relieves throat inflammation and is used in most of the throat lozenges.

Piperine Co2 extract blends well with rosemary, lavender, frankincense, sandalwood, marjoram and other spices. Black pepper is an important spice and a natural medicine agent and is used for treating many diseases like arthritis, fever, nausea, migraine headaches, poor digestion, and strep throat and for treatment of coma. It is a analgesic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antitoxic, aphrodisiac, diaphoretic, digestive, diuretic, febrifuge, rubefacient and as a spleen tonic. One of the major components of black pepper is piperine and it helps to increase absorption and bioavailability of other bioactive compounds.


The antioxidant properties of black pepper happen because of piperine and its isomers. Piperine Co2 extract bears both flavour and pungency compounds of pepper fruits and is widely used in many applications in food, pharmacy and cosmetics. By using the method of SCFE for extraction high content of piperine can be obtained. Piper nigrum Linn and piper longum linn are the two of world’s oldest and important spices which are commonly known as Black Pepper and Long Pepper. Both these species of plant belong to the piperaceae family and are cultivated in warm and moist parts of India.

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