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Curry Leaf Extract

Curry Leaf Co2 Extract

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English name: Curry Leaf Extract

Botanical name: Murraya Koenigii


Curry leaf extract is obtained by the SCFE – Co2 supercritical extraction method. As compared to the traditional method of extraction the SCFE method helps in obtaining the extract in its purest form without any residue, solvent or pesticides in it.


Curry leaf extract contains a lot of nutrients, which are available in greens, like vitamin A, B, B2 C, iron, calcium, flavonoids, proteins, glycosides, amino acids, plant sterols and antioxidants. Curry leaf extract has a number of medicinal properties. Besides this, it has a number of health benefits too.

It is used for cooking in many Asian countries to add aroma and flavor to spicy dishes. Research conducted shows that it has significant anti inflammatory activity and can treat Alzheimer’s disease, atherosclerosis and cancer. In homeopathic medicine it is used as a remedy for diarrhea, gastroparesis, constipation, abdominal pain and dysentery.


Ill effects of diabetes like impaired vision, pains and aches in the lower and upper limbs, vertigo etc on people can be best treated with curry leaf extract. These problems can be overcome by taking the extract at regular intervals. The extract has a number of curative and healing properties. It can promote the action of the stomach and strengthen it further. It can be used as a mild laxative also by mixing the buttermilk and a small quantity of the extract.

Curry Leaf

A mixture of sugar, lime juice and the extract can be taken as an effective medication for treating digestion disorders like nausea, morning sickness and vomiting related to excessive fat use and indigestion. In case of an upset stomach the extract can be taken with buttermilk on an empty stomach. The extract mixed with honey is useful in treatment of piles, dysentery and diarrhea. To treat bilious vomiting, a decoction of cold water and the extract can be administered to the person.

Other Benefits

Disorders in the kidney and kidney related pains can also be treated with curry leaf extract. Curry leaf extract which has the ability to nourish the roots of hair can also be liberally used for prevention of graying hair. It leads to healthier hair growth with normal pigment. When coconut oil and this extract are boiled together it forms a blackened residue which can be used as an excellent tonic for the hair. Not only does it retain natural pigmentation but also stimulates growth of hair.

The extract is also effective in treating eruptions in skin, bruises and burns. Simply apply it over the affected area and experience a soothing effect. It is an excellent tonic to treat disorders in the eyes, make them brighter and in preventing early cataract development. To treat insect bites and stings, lime juice and curry leaf extract can be mixed in equal proportion and applied externally on the affected area.


It is advised not to take any medication including curry leaf extract without consulting a good healthcare professional first. Children, nursing and pregnant women should try to avoid it as it could have some side effects. Also avoid taking large doses of curry leaf extract and if taken it should be monitored by the doctor.